Golf Marketing Strategies That Work

Creating an effective golf marketing strategy can help you get big wins for your company.

With over 1,000 companies exhibiting at the annual PGA Show, your competition is fierce and determined.

But that's a good thing. If nobody bought golf gear, you wouldn't have any competitors ... or customers!

While metrics such as website visitors, number of leads, and conversion rates are important, a marketing strategy that's tied to a projected ROI — in dollars — will get the best results.

So a good golf marketing plan should meet or exceed a specific revenue target. Here's what I mean:

Revenue target
Set a specific figure. Say $5,000,000.
Avg order value per customer
Avg orders per year
Avg annual spend
Customers required
Site-wide conversion rate
Visitors required
1,000,000 ($50K/.05)
Cost per visitor
$0.75 (Campaign Cost $750K ÷ Number of Visitors 1MM)
Marketing budget required
$750K (1MM × $0.75)
ROI 566.67%
(ROI = ($5MM- $750K) ÷ $750K)

Obviously most results don't pay off quite like this example. But following a clear plan will enable you to tie your sales and marketing efforts directly to your company's bottom line.

Measuring marketing success in dollars is the best way to make sure your marketing spends are making you money - not costing you money.

Further Recommendations: Test, Test, and Test again ...

"Almost any marketing question can be answered, cheaply, quickly and finally, by a test campaign. And that's the way to answer them - not by arguments around a table." Claude Hopkins, Direct Response Marketing Pioneer

Claude Hopkins was right in the last century and he's still right in the next.

He understood that the consequences of faulty data, wonky forecasts, ill-conceived opinions, loose predictions, and incorrect assumptions can wreak havoc on your bottom line.

Because opinions aren't facts ... opinions aren't data ... and opinions haven't been tested in the real world. So why stake the success of your marketing on hot air?

But hasn't marketing gotten so complex that no one person can figure it out?

No. It's true that the means of delivering your message continue to change. But human beings still buy products and services for the same psychological, emotional, and physical reasons they have since the first caveman traded his extra club for a new loin cloth.

Testing delivery methods and measuring your response is the only way to determine the best channels to reach your target audience.

Testing content is the best way to fine-tune your message across channels.

What should I test on my website?

While you can test headlines, leads, body copy, offers, warranties, guarantees and CTA's, I recommend concentrating on the things that will have the greatest impact on your ROI.

Start with your Call to Action (CTA).

Your CTA is the most important piece of copy on your page. If you have a lame call to action - like a 'Submit' or ‘Next' button - replace it with more descriptive, action-oriented language. Besides, a descriptive CTA also helps prospects know what to expect on the next page.

Next, test your forms to make sure they're not driving prospects away.

Make sure the form is noticeable, user-friendly, and only asks for the information needed to continue your relationship with the prospect. Don't ask for their address and phone number if you're just sending them a free list-building piece for your lead generation campaign.

Test things like required versus optional fields and make sure you only ask for as much information as you need to get the prospect to take the desired action.

Finally, test your offer. Bad offers are the primary culprit when you're not getting the performance you need out of your website.

And remember, testing your homepage is a colossal waste of time. The only pages that matter to your bottom line are your product pages and your shopping cart pages.

Don't waste time arguing over home pages. If you've optimized your pages and your copy right, your homepage isn't going to rank high enough to get an organic click anyway.

For more information on boosting your website's conversions, see Why Websites Don't Convert, a handy checklist for any website owner looking to increase conversions.

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