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I'm Michael Fiala. As a direct response copywriter, I help golf companies sell more products, golf event planners boost turnout, and golf courses make more money.

From lead generation to direct sales, I write engaging copy designed to persuade golfers to take the action you want ... whether you're generating leads, booking tee times, or making direct sales to customers.

Read on to discover how direct response copywriting can help you make more money ...

Golf Copywriter FAQ's

Q: What kind of copy do you write?

A: I write copy for:

  • Golf Websites
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Landing Pages
  • Squeeze Pages
  • Email Campaigns
  • E-Newsletters
  • Autoresponders
  • Social Media Posts
  • Lead Magnets
  • AdWords (PPC) Campaigns
  • Video Sales Letters
  • Infomercial Scripts
  • Product Reviews
  • Blog Posts
  • Brochures
  • Direct Mail

For samples, please go here.

Q: What is it like to work with you?

A: I begin by asking you questions about your golf product, service, event, or golf course. Then I ask you for information about your target audience:

  • Who are they?
  • What's their average income?
  • Are you talking to the guys, the ladies, or both?

That last question is more important than you may think. While men still make up a majority of golfers, the number of women playing the game is on the rise. In fact, in the last few years, organizations such as Executive Women's Golf Association, LPGA Golf 101, and LPGA Women’s Network have introduced tens of thousands of lady golfers to the game.

So if you're talking to the guy's I'll write your copy the way you hear them talking on the golf course (within the bounds of good taste, of course ... :)

If your message is for the ladies, I'll write your copy in their voice.

And if you're talking to everyone, I'll make sure your message is delivered with maximum punch and effectiveness.

Just getting your target audience right can make your copy payoff big!

Q: What is your process?

A: The first step is in-depth research.

Professional copywriters make a living doing the hard work required to really know your product or service as well as your target audience.

Most of that work comes before I ever write a word of copy. I start with things like:

  • Market analysis,
  • Keyword research,
  • SEO research,
  • Competitor profiling,
  • Analysis of competitor campaigns,
  • and other research in your area of business.

Then I move on to:

  • In-depth product or service studies,
  • I actually use the product or service (if possible),
  • Features analysis,
  • In-depth benefits analysis, and
  • Analysis of your past campaigns. What worked? What didn't? And why?

Finally, I finish with:

  • In-depth target audience research,
  • Psychological profiling,
  • 3-D modeling of your average target prospect, and
  • Interviews of current happy (and sometimes unhappy) customers.

Q: What happens when you start writing?

A: Copywriting is the art and craft of "salesmanship in print".

I make sure - from beginning to end - that I'm focused on crafting your message in a conversational, second person singular voice.

I want your copy to sound like you're having a friendly, one-on-one conversation with your prospect. A conversation focused on solving your prospects problem or making a great offer your prospect can't possibly pass up.

Then I edit and re-edit to ensure your copy is written using the same language your prospect uses ... from slang to jargon to common terms almost all golfers will relate to.

If you're worried about ending that last sentence with a preposition, don't be. Grammarians have been trying to debunk that myth for decades. Plus, you need conversational copy, not perfect English. Think about asking your teenager, "Hey Dude, to what have you been up?".

And, last but not least, I make sure your copy has clearly stated the problem or fantastic opportunity, answered any and all objections, provided proof and testimonials, and makes your prospect a great offer with a can't-say-no guaranty.

Then I start testing!

Q: How many pictures should I have?

A: As many as it takes to support the copy. Copy sells. Pictures and graphics support the copy.

I'll help you figure out which images should be included and which should be left out. We'll be very careful to include only those images that advance the sale!

In fact, David Ogilvy commissioned a study on images in advertising and how they can help - or hurt - sales. Go here for more on images and how they effect SEO

The bottom line is, copy sells because copy is the only way to provide your prospects with the reasons and compelling arguments they need to decide they should buy and buy now.

Copy - not images - is the only way for you to build a meaningful relationship with your reader. Which is essential if you're going to have any chance of closing a sale!

To wrap up ...

Effective copy is the workhorse of online marketing.

No matter how fast technology evolves ... no matter what marketing channels you use ... there is always one constant in creating effective advertising:

"Persuasive copy - thoroughly tested and re-tested - will always beat fancy gimmickry or pretty pictures at the cash register."

It doesn't matter whether it's delivered via website, mobile device, TV, radio, direct mail, print media, or whatever trendy new gadget comes along next.

So make sure you hire a competent copywriter to help you craft your message in an effective way. A good copywriter will home in on your prospect's needs, wants, and desires like a wallet-seeking missile!

Whether you need copy written to sell golf products, golf video that educates and informs, or copy that increases your golf course membership, I'll make sure your copy makes you more money.

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