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Michael Fiala

About Golf Marketing Solutions

My name's Michael Fiala, owner of Golf Marketing Solutions.

Since 2006, I've helped my clients strategize, write, design, and deploy websites, landing pages, PPC ad campaigns, email blasts, and web video that have ...

  • Increased sales 82.4% in less than 9 months for a product manufacturing client
  • Generated over 200% ROI in less than five weeks for a non-profit fundraiser
  • Achieved first page, top-10 organic search rankings for main keyword phrases on Google's search engine in less than three weeks, and
  • Expanded sales territory by $20 million in requests for quote in less than six months for a regional distribution client.

I didn't do that with watered-down "branding" copy, wiz-bang website gimmicks, or unethical (and potentially disastrous!) search engine manipulation.

I did it with good research, effective direct response copy, and responsible white-hat search engine optimization.

35 years in the entertainment industry segues to a new career in golf marketing ...

I spent over three decades as a professional performer in the music business. So I know something about keeping people entertained and engaged.

Whether I was touring, playing shows, or recording, my goal was always to communicate clearly and passionately with the audience.

Since retiring from playing, I've carried that passion over to helping people grow the game of golf through effective marketing and copywriting.

And I hope to help you grow your contribution to the great game of golf soon!